This little piggy went to market

There has to be a first blog post and this is it. Well ok, the welcome one was Numero Uno but you get my point.

There was no reason I chose this other than it was what I was thinking about at the time I decided to do the blog. Gather round and let me tell you about a place I went to on a recent visit to Bristol.

St Nicholas Market

St Nicholas Market, Bristol

My girlfriend recently moved up to Bristol, which is great because it gives me an excuse to go up there and hang out. While there last weekend we stumbled across St Nicholas Market .

Now, the market itself was fairly unexceptional, the usual mix of bong-sellers and bike shops (Warning: Do not mix the two). But adjacent to it, nay, intertwined, was what can only be described as a street food zone. In a section called the Glass Arcade, there was a row of stalls selling food to take on the go or sit down on some fairly ad-hoc looking benches.

Yes, I hear you cry, the takeaway has its place in the lore of this land. But this was something a bit different from your burger bar and Chinese take-out. The offerings ranged from Pieminister to Moroccan tajine to Caribbean goat curry. As we strolled down the row the smells were great, the menus looked great, the food looked great.

As I walked past (the girlfriend is from an exotic climate and gets cold easily) I was overcome with a feeling of wet lefty pleasure that people from these different culinary backgrounds could and would be operating from next door to each other.

Rule Britannia.

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