A Watershed moment

It’s back to Bristol, and later the same day that saw me wax lyrical about St Nicholas Market.

Famished by our wandering around the city and the fact that at most points of the day I am generally hungry, we went for lunch. We chose the Watershed.

Formally known as the Watershed Media Centre, it’s a big ol’ arts centre, with a three-screen cinema and a massive cafe. But enough of the free advert and back on topic. Myself and my lovely girlfriend stopped in to have a wee bite to eat before our film (Precious, gritty but life affirming, David says Four Stars).

Now it wasn’t the food that struck me as we sat there munching on baguettes filled with home-made roasted veg hummus, among the middle-class mums and the look-at-me laptopers. The locally sourced meat and veg and copious organicness was a plus but hardly unique.

What got me what the beer.

It was the first place I have ever been where the local beers and ciders have outnumbered the big brands on tap. Out-muscling the Budvar and the Fancy Dan Weiss beer were Arbor and Bath Ales, Orchard Pig cider and the local Bristol Stout. It almost brought a tear to my cynical wizened eye to see local brewers having more of a reach than mass-produced fizzy piss.

Of course, this is down to the management, theorising their sales would be improved by having artisan products on tap for the connaisseur ale addict. And why not? Lager, even posh high-end versions are becoming more and more the preserve of the teenager on the lash. A good ale is worth stopping and appreciating while you sup.


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