Beer and rugby = good clean fun

Rugby - Good clean fun

Rugby is a civilised game.

Yes, you heard me correctly. Civilised. Never mind that it involves 30 men in ill-fitting clothing engaging in synchronised fighting for 80 minutes on the pitch, it is civilised for one reason and one reason only.

You can have a beer while you watch it.

I’m a late convert to egg-chasing, having been a football fan practically all my life. Drinking at football matches is a dire experience generally. Football hooligans in the 1970s and 80s and resultant draconian laws banning anyone from imbibing booze within sight of the pitch mans you are coralled into a space either in or behind the stands, there to drink the fizzy piss that the corporate sponsors the league had whored after have provided for you. It’s quite depressing.

Rugby, having been developed by a class of people used to employing schoolmates to warm toilet seats for them, is rather more refined. You can have a pint in your seat, with staff happy that you aren’t then going to steam onto the pitch and chin anyone.

So before you are all bored silly, I’ll come to my point, and that is to salute another great real ale moment. I went to see Plymouth Albion the other day against London Welsh, and I was reminded of what makes a game there bearable. Because sadly it isn’t often the rugby.

Hidden behind the tannoy stand is a concession for the South Hams Brewery. This is a great little brewery, whose beers you’ll see in a select few shops and bars around South Western Devon. I supped a couple of pints of Devon Pride as I watched 30 massive chaps knock ten kinds of crap out of each other.

Civilisation indeed.

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