TV’s Emma Forbes and lots of Golden Syrup.

“Hello, my name is Emma Forbes and welcome to my ‘four steps to perfect pancakes’, with Lyle’s Golden Syrup”.

Now there’s a video introduction you don’t hear everyday.  But turns out that the former TV presenter has turned pancake expert. Seriously, she can do this this.

I have to thank @CathrynB on Twitter for this, who I suspect does the PR for Lyle. But anyway, she was the first to answer my call to arms ahead of today’s pancake fest for strange and different recipes.

And I figured it would make for a more interesting post than me botting on about how I like mine with sugar and lemon, keep it simple, blah blah blah.

I’m not sure when Ms Forbes became a domestic cuisine authority but check out the video for yourself.

So, Pancake Day. Or as it is probably correctly known, Shrove Tuesday. Traditionally when Christians used up store cupboard food ahead of the self-denial of Lent, it has turned in these days when self-denial has died to a celebration of the pancake. And I think it is a really under appreciated day – lots of busy people don’t bother but it is a great one for keeping the kids happy ( I imagine).

So what do we have on/in our pancake? It is interesting to see what different cultures go for.

I mentioned Pancake Day to my Zimbabwean girlfriend and asked what toppings she’d go for. She immediately went for savory, which wasn’t something I had considered. It is always sweet for me, but no Maple Syrup, because it’s rough.

But I did also get a tweet from @edwardmccaughan who suggested lentil pancakes. Now lentils for me are in league with mung beans, they exist only to keep metropolitan Guardianistas feeling tired and slightly ashamed of their cosy middle class existence.

But this did throw up (bad phrase) a different thought, adulterating the batter never occurred before. Hmmm, maybe I need to get into the kitchen now and prepare for the pancake fest.

Top Five pancake toppings/filling:

Sugar and lemon

Banana and dark chocolate

Bluebery and Greek yoghurt

Ham and cheese

Cheese and mushroom

You can work out the batter by yourself. And PS – none of those fat American-style pancakes plese, we’re British.

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