Give us this day our daily (free) bread

Great story in the Western Morning News this morning. A mystery baker has been going around the streets of Fowey in Cornwall, depositing loaves of fresh bread on people’s doorsteps. “Mystery surrounds” the identity of the wholemeal Santa Claus at the moment.

RESIDENTS of a Cornwall town have been scratching their heads in bafflement after parcels of freshly baked bread mysteriously appeared on their doorsteps.

The neatly wrapped bread gifts have been left at homes across Fowey with a note signed from The Phantom bread maker of Old Fowey Town and picture of a dark-cloaked figure.

Police have warned people not to eat the bread but some residents have already wolfed it down – and are hoping for more.

Two things struck me about this. One was the attitude of the police, not in any way seeing the funny side and warning people to not eat the bread, presumably miffed because they didn’t get any.

The other was a nagging sensation that this is a clever marketing and PR ploy by a baker to gain some attention (eventually) for their product. I suspect in a few days the culprit will be revealed…as a bread company and a very satisfied PR company.

See what you think here.

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