“This is a vegan beer”

I don’t like to talk about it, but I was a vegetarian once. Many years a good one, a couple a carnivore in denial. But never a vegan. It just looked far too depressing.

It came then, as a bit of a surprise when I got a beer from the fridge (the brand shall remain nameless, but they were not from the South West) and read “this is a vegan beer” on the rear label.

I was curious. Is the vegan real ale drinker market a hitherto untapped market for small breweries? Surely more than a bottle of real ale would have a vegan on their back on the floor? Or is that just an unkind stereotype?

One place that the lightweight vegan might want to avoid is one of my favourite shops in Plymouth, Moor and More Beer.

I have died and gone to heaven...

In a previous post I pointed out that Plymouth doesn’t really have a great local food and drink ethos, certainly not an obvious and well-marketed one in any case. But Moor and More Beer is a hidden gem. Located in Frankfurt Gate in the city’s West End, it is beer heaven. One side of the shop is dedicated to Westcountry brewers and the other is a combo of ciders (Yes!) and world beers.

I stumbled through its door after it was recommended to me by a friend. It is great. Not the kind of shop you’d expect to find among the pawnbrokers and fast food joints of the West End. Brewers it stocks include the obvious (St Austell, Sharps) to the smaller brewers not seen much outside of food festivals and other specialist retailers (Cornish Brewery Penpont is one of my particular favourites). Much as I hate clichés it really is a bit of an Aladdin’s Cave for beer and cider fans. It certainly came to my rescue at Christmas when searching for gifts for friends and family.

You can buy online from the website but I quite like actually going down there and picking the beer on site, I love the browsing aspect of it all, the picking up of each bottle, admiring the artwork and effort that has gone into each different beer.

The only downsize is that you can’t park outside so if you buy in bulk, be prepared to give your arms a bit of a workout. I also have no word on their stocks of vegan beer. In any case, I’m sure they’d struggle to carry a case away from the shop…

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