На здоровье!

OK, it’s competition time and we think you’re going to love this one.

Farmers diversify a lot these days. Trying to make as much money out of their land as possible, they turn to all sorts, from holiday lets to adventure sports.

But only one built a distillery and began producing upmarket British….vodka.

My pretty...

Yep, you heard right. Not a furry hat in sight at Chase Vodka in Herefordshire. The fires were lit, or whatever you do in distilling, in May 2008 and it is still the only British potato vodka distillery.

Copper load of that still.

Everything is done on one farm, from peeling the spuds to bottling it, with the water coming from the ground under the farm. And you can buy it in loads of places, including National Trust shops, which is where I came across it when Christmas shopping.

The result is a really pure spirit, which is extremely smooth, soft and naturally sweet. For anyone not yet sold, it comes in a pretty bottle…

The nice people at Chase (who are on Twitter @chasevodka ), have given Foodies South West a bottle of their splendid hand-crafted spirit to give away to a reader – aged over 18 (sorry kids). All you have to do is send an email to us at foodiessouthwest@gmail.com by noon on Friday March 5 with your name and address and the answer to the insultingly easy question below:

QUESTION: What vegetable is used to make Chase vodka?

Please note: We love sharing our food tips, but we won’t share your email address details or anything else with anyone else, even if they ask really nicely. What we might do is email you with details of future competitions and new blogs on the site. If you don’t want us to do that, please say “NO MORE EMAILS” in your email.

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6 Comments on “На здоровье!”

  1. Caitlin Perkinson Says:

    Potato !!!

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  4. Tim Wilcock Says:

    What’s the point of somebody putting the answer in a comment?

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