Oyster time

Here at Foodies South West we bloomin love suprises – so long as they are of the pleasant type.

Receiving beer or chocolate through the post, they both count. Stumbling upon unusual food in unusual places is another. As is finding out out there is another oyster festival on the Cornish circuit.

I’ve lived in this part of the world for quite a few years but somehow have contrived to miss the Falmouth Oyster Festival every bleeding year. So I was happy almost to burststing (Ie very) to find out, in the words of Yoda: “There is another”.

Casually scanning Twitter I saw mention, I know not where, of the words “Rock Oyster Festival”.Using the power of the World Wide Web (yeah ok Google), I found that there is indeed an oyster festival in June in the yuppie paradise that is Rock.

A bed of roses

Now, I’m not convinced by Rock. It’s a small village on the north coast of Cornwall where the cost of a two-bedroom cottage is about the same as a premier league footballer pays to a woman in a year to keep quiet about the shortcomings of his manhood. And it is a pain in the backside to get to by car, especially if, like me, you are a pain-in-the-arse reporter doing 70mph down country lanes (VW Golf RIP).

But I do like oysters,  which are abundant in this part of the world, from Cornwall through to deepest coastal Devon.

Here’s the deal: June 19 and 20, Porthilly Farm, shellfish, bands, probably knowing Cornwall a shedload of quality beer as well.

Katy Davidson, oyster afficionado, fellow blogger and publicity type for the festival writes: “This will be the first oyster festival ever on the North coast of Cornwall which is something that the organisers and the community are already very excited about. The festival site belongs to supporter Rock Shellfish whose delicious oysters and mussels will be the stars of the show. For those who hesitate when faced with molluscs, there’s a vast array of other local produce on offer too.”

Sod other molluscs frankly, I love mussels and clams, scollops and whelks, but I love a slimy seductive oyster fest of all. The test os now whether they can pull off a humdinger of a festival. Here’s hoping.

What they are putting on is shucking competitions, cooking demos and of course, lively musical entertainment. The whole lot, overlooking the Camel Estuary, is also doing great work for charity.

You can even camp should the combo of oysters, beer and the promised “furiously paced folk” music be too much to take.

Now all I have got to do is remember not to double book myself this year.

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