Refreshing the parts other blogs cannot reach

Like me you probably overdid it at the weekend. Whether you are like me and seem to spend all your weekdays detoxing between weekend indulgence I’ll not go into, that’s your business you hedonistic lot.

But f you are prone to spending Monday through to Wednesday with a 1,000 yard stare and acid heartburn that could kill Sigourney Weaver, we may have a competition prize for you. Or in fact, a competition prize you’ll like even if you are a good person who feels young and alive throughout the week.

Goodness gracious tea. Sorry.

Tea’s Me is a wee company set up four years ago in the heart of Devon. Helen Lynch was rather like me it seems – fond of a cup of something herbal as well as normal tea, but sick of commercial brands that smell great but taste like water. So she decided to set up her own company producing organic infusions that actually taste nice.There are 10 flavours in the range and all are 100 per cent organic. The company is also Soil Association accredited. Even the bags holding the tea are biodegradable!

Tea’s Me has very kindly offered some teabags for one lucky reader of Foodies South West. Teeheehee is a blend of hibiscus flowers, orange and rosemary, while Zestea Zinger is a revitalising blend of lemon and ginger. The perfect pick me up.

All you have to do is send an email to us at by noon on Saturday March 20, titled “Tea’s Me Competition”, and including your name and address and the answer to the insultingly easy question below:

QUESTION: What flavour are the Zestea Zinger tea bags?

Please note: We love sharing our food tips, but we won’t share your email address details or anything else with anyone else, even if they ask really nicely. What we might do is email you with details of future competitions and new blogs on the site. If you don’t want us to do that, please say “NO MORE EMAILS” in your email.

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