New beer!

Shamelessly lifted from the Western Morning News, go visit its site and help maintain some good journalists jobs…

A SOUTH Devon company is  to launch a new beer having  waited 15 long years to add a  new product to its small but  well-known stable of local  ales.

Dartmoor Brewery has just  made the first batch of its new  Legend beer which, to quote  the in-house tasting notes, is  a “smooth full flavoured ale  balanced with a delicious  crispy malt fruit finish –  golden brown in colour and an  aroma of fresh-baked bread  with a hint of spice”.

Managing director and chief  brewer Simon Loveless said:  “You are doing well as a brewer  if you get one brand in a pub –  very well if you get two brands  – and you may be asking too  much to get three beers permanently into a pub.

“But with Legend we wanted  a beer which would allow us go  out to the whole Westcountry,  including Cornwall,” he added.  “There’s a lot of beer coming  out of Cornwall, but not so  much going the other way.”

The modern hi-tech brewery  in Princetown is not only England’s highest perched 1,400  feet above sea level – it is also  one of the top six in the region  in terms of output.

“We are all about repeat  business – loyalty to the brand,”  said Mark Shackleton, the company’s new sales director. “Our  business is based on the name.  Currently we deliver direct into 100 pubs – then another 100 in  Devon, Cornwall and Somerset  are supplied through a wholesaler.

“For this new beer we needed  a good brand name – Jail Ale  works well and so does Dartmoor – but I thought we needed  something that would appeal to  younger drinkers because we  want to get young people drinking real ale again rather than  the foreign lagers. We think  Legend has a kind of Lord of the  Rings image to it.”

As for concerns over the recent trend of pub closures, Simon said: “A lot of them aren’t  the freehouses that sell this  kind of beer, but the ones  owned by big groups run by  accountants.

“Buying local is really a big  thing now – the big chains were  denying their tenants the ability to buy local beer, but I think  local people like it – and for  visitors, part of your holiday is  buying local beer.”

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