Taste test: St Kitts Chocolate

Yeah, I know, I taste tested chocolate already. So sue me.

The fact is, I’m slightly intrigued by people who mess around with chocolate, in ways that don’t involve fruit, nuts or caramel. Call it chocolate fusion if you like, though it sounds like something you’d find in a press release from a boutique.

For those of you not familiar with it, St Kitts Herbery is in North Cornwall, near Camelford. I used to drive past it on my daily commute to work many moons ago. I was always interested in a place that revolved around just herbs, but surprise surprise, like many places I never stopped to go in. Part of what I want to do with this blog is convince you lot to do what I never did – stop and get out of the car at these places.

But I digress. Though its herbal goods are mainly in the form of toiletries and herbal remedies, they also do herby chocolates. After the previous taste test of Dartmoor Chilli chocs, I thought it was time to try something a bit different, chocolate-wise.

So through the post arrived a package containing some of the herbery’s goodies. Within it were several bars of dark chocolate with herbal flavours. There was ginger, lime and even some dark chcolotate and basil buttons. It does a loads more flavours – violet and cardamom amongst them, but those were the ones we tried.

As ever with these things, I didn’t sit in a darkened room and munch alone. The offfice monkeys I work with were again roped into tasting some of the wares.

Lime chocolate: Generally well received. I liked it and Anna, whom I sit next to, also liked it. It is quite sharp tasting, with Anna suggesting it reminded her of those chocolate and lime humbug sweets you got as kids. No bad thing in my opinion. But it is a little more subtle than those balls of sugar expolsion you used to get.

Ginger Chocolate: Now I love ginger, so frankly this could probably do no wrong on my part. However, again some divided opinion in the office. Some, not fans of ginger, didn’t like them (the fools), others liked them but felt they weren’t gingery enough. Meh, I thought they were good – you don’t want ginger overbearing on the chocolate with its strong flavour.

Basil Chocolate: This took the team by surprise. Basil isn’t a flavour you might readily associate with chocolate, so it was approached carefully. I personnally thought it was ok, if nothing special. Another taster said the buttons smelt like tobacco, but as they are a recovering smoker that might explain it. The otherall feeling was probably something of bemusement. Edible but probably not something we might recommend to a friend as a great new flavour.

I have to add to this taste test one that my girlfriend and I carried out the following weekend. I was also sent one of St Kitts chocolate selection trays – a variety of its flavours in dark, milk and white chocolate bite-sized nibbles. These included extra flavours. Notable for being good were the cinnamon flavour and especially the violet flavour. Yes, they made me think momentarily of Parma Violets, but this would be doing the chocolate a disservice. The combination of flavours was really good. As was the cinnamon flavour, which even worked in white chocolate, and I don’t like white chocolate.

So, in a nutshell, probably worth tasting, if for the novelty if nothing else. Nothing that made me go wow though. Each to their own.


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