Hot and cross about buns

Easter Friday. A time when Christians come together to do whatever it is they do. Traditions are rife like hot cross buns. But like church, it is one tradition I don’t partake in.

Because you see, I don’t like hot cross buns.

What would Jesus do?

I imagine many of you are scratching your heads at this. As ClaireG2 asked on Twitter just now: “omg, how can you not like them? toasted with butter is to die for :-).”

But sadly, I just don’t get excited by them. It might be because I am not a big fan of currants and sultanas. But in fact it is probably more because I don’t like cinnamon. But really, the main thing I don’t like it when you bite into them and you get that “claggy” sensation of dense doughy bun hitting your upper palete.

Now I’m well aware there are probably lots of people out there reading this (thousands of you, honestly) and screaming “but it’s tradition!” Tradition trasmichion.

My dislike of the buns found me a fellow friend in Twitterer Coversnails, who wrote: “Agreed!!! It’s like Christmas pudding, just something you force down your gullet because it’s traditional.”

The same applies to Easter Eggs really. I’ve not got the world’s sweetest tooth anyway, apart from good dark chocolate. So the idea of scoffing lots of bland eggs mass-made by bleedin’ Nestle and Kraft’s new bitch Cadbury makes me feel a little sick. Not from any political point of view, just at the thought of gorging on chocolate.

Anyway, this isn’t meant to be a rant. I want to hear your views on buns, chocolate and the joy, or not, that they bring you. Has anyone got any local variations or improvements that they want to share with the world?

Happy eating.


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One Comment on “Hot and cross about buns”

  1. Rob Says:

    I do like Hot Cross Buns very much (esp. toasted with lots of butter).
    But it is a really strange idea – decorating a food with a means of execution.
    If Jesus had been born in more recent centuries, would we be expected to eat Gallows Buns or Electric Chair Cake?
    So whilst I love them – I definitely won’t be forcing any hot cross buns, or my beliefs, down anyone’s throat.

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