Common sense prevails – finally

After the last massive blog, a wee shortie.

I was back in Bristol at the weekend and because my olds were coming for lunch, my girlfriend and I popped out to get them some decent nosh. We went to Woolies Indoor Market, which I may have written about before but am too lazy to check back now. It essentially is a former Woolworths now turned into an indoor market. But, being Bristol, this one sells middle-class goods instead of pegs and plastic toy guns.

Joking aside it is good, it has a butcher, a baker, no candlestickmaker but a greengrocer to compensate. My only bugbear in the past has been that it didn’t open on a Sunday. I have a real problem with small independent shops and traders who don’t open on Sundays. It is like they are handing business to the supermarkets on a plate, no pun intended.

I admit I don’t know the ins and outs of the food retail world, but I strongly believe that lots of people would buy locally for their Sunday lunch or dinner if the shops were just bloody open. Close Wednesday or something, or just open an extra day and make some bleedin’ money!

But anyway, getting off my soapbox I was very glad to see that Woolies, previously a Monday to Saturday operation, is to start opening on Sundays as well. Finally some common sense has prevailed and they have realised there is literally a market for Sunday opening. Let’s hope that it catches on.


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