Your cream tea needs you!

Some fierce rhetoric on the airwaves this morning by all accounts.

It would appear, from Cornish sources at least, that Devon is trying to steal a march on the Cream Tea battlefront by applying to register the Devon Cream Tea. Across the border in Cornwall there is foodie outrage. Not only do the two counties disagree on whether the cream or the jam goes on the scone first, they both lay claim to having invented the tea shop staple first. Wars have been fought over less.

Is it clearer like this?

Or like this?

Foodies South West is keeping it’s backside firmly on the fence on this one, like a culinary UN we urge restraint on both sides. As a late interloper to these parts, I am happy as long as a scone enters my gob.

Therefore I open it up to the floor – where’s the best place you’ve had a cream tea?

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7 Comments on “Your cream tea needs you!”

  1. robertz Says:

    Try the Old Mill Tea Rooms in Bicclescombe Park, Ilfracombe, North Devon and sample the speciality ginger scones with honey and Devon clotted cream.

    Directions to the park,+Ilfracombe+EX34+8EU,+United+Kingdom&ll=51.198696,-4.120259&spn=0.003382,0.01104&z=17

  2. Emma Says:

    Georgian Tea Rooms in Topsham for huge homemade scones with a choice of at least six homemade jams. Oh, and it is always cream first!

  3. heard of Rodda's? Says:

    Umm its Cornish clotted cream not Devonian? Don’t know why you people are so intent on undermning all aspects of Cornish identity

  4. Tim Wilcock Says:

    Don’t know any tearooms but the jam on first (top picture) is obviously the correct one.

  5. Emma Says:

    I believe it has now been conclusively proved that cream teas originated in Devon. Why don’t the Cornish stick to splits with cream and golden syrup, thunder and lightning, and leave us our scones.

  6. Don’t care where it comes from as long as it’s a plain scone and not a fruit one – where did that idea come from? Fruit scones are delicious with butter/spread, but not jam.

  7. Grazing Kate Says:

    our kitchen! My 10 year old daughter makes scones for breakfast most Sunday mornings. She doesn’t shape them with cutters, just breaks off chunks which give them a rock cake appearance. Fresh out of the oven, at home, and made for me. Perfect.

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