Father’s Day competition – Beer for dad

Like me you probably have a patchy track record of getting your old man gifts for Father’s Day. You probably, like me, end up getting him some beer – it’s a default gift.

Well, if you’re going to give the man beer, why not give him some good beer?

While at the Royal Cornwall Show at the weekend I obviously spent some good time wandering the aisles of the food and drink pavilion. One of the stands was taken by the Penpont Brewery, a small brewery based in Altarnun, on the edge of Bodmin Moor. It’s run by Joe Thomson, a gloriously young brewer, on the family farm. And they make damn fine beer, using water from their own bore hole and barley

Here comes the sun

I had come across them previously but was happy to see that they had some new, at least to me, beers on sale. So I picked up a selection -An Howl (The Sun), session beer Cornish Gold and their Ginger Beer. Three more different beers you won’t get.

An Howl packs quite a fruity punch and is a full-bodied affair. Cornish Gold is quite an incredible beer – it has a massive hoppy taste, and I mean massive. It is the dominant taste but manages to avoid being too powerful to drink. I liked it as a marked change from a lot of beers I have tasted before, an excellent light afternoon beer.

The ginger beer too was great. It’s an alcoholic ginger beer at 4.2%, but unlike things like Crabbies don’t expect this to be an alcopop-like affair. It is a beer brewed using ginger, so it has aspects of both beverages in it. It’s a fine pint that can be enjoyed by ginger beer lovers and beer lovers in equal quantities.

These of course are not the only beers the place sells. I’m a big fan of their Roughtor, even though I can’t pronounce it (Penpont say it is “Row Tor”). It’s named after the second tallest hill on Bodmin Moor. They would have named it after the tallest hill presumably but a beer called “Brown Willy” might not sell well…

Whetted your appetite? Well good news. Joe is offering six bottles of his finest ales for one lucky reader this Father’s Day, with the winner assured to stay in the will for at least another year!

All you have to do is send an email to us at foodiessouthwest@gmail.com by noon on Wednesday June 16, entitled “Father’s Day Competition” and including your name, address, telephone number and the answer to the insultingly easy question below:

What moor is Penpont on the edge of?

Please note: We love sharing our food tips, but we won’t share your email address details or anything else with anyone else, even if they ask really nicely. What we might do is email you with details of future competitions and new blogs on the site. If you don’t want us to do that, please say “NO MORE EMAILS” in your email.

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2 Comments on “Father’s Day competition – Beer for dad”

  1. nicola harrison Says:

    would love to win x everthings crossed x

  2. BRYAN CLARK Says:

    Great Competition. I would love to share these with my Dad 😉

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