Fast-ish summer salad

Trying not to spend too much time sat down today, trying to get loads of chores out the way. So a quick blog about my lunch!

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I was sounding people out last week for advice on what to do with some organic beetroot I got at the St Kew Harvest farm shop. I got loads of good ideas…which I completely ignored. Until today, when I thought they might turn if I didn’t use them.

So as I cleaned the bathroom and toilet, and washed clothes and dishes (separately), four beetroot, halved, roasted for 45 minutes at 190C in the oven.

The result was these little beauties below, which were destined for a salad I was preparing.

While they cooled I went for a spin along country roads to the Riverford Organic shop in Yealmpton, mainly because I was annoyed that I keep forgetting to order a veg box. While there I picked up a number of things, spinach, some bread. But I also picked up some meat after Adrian Margots, a restauranteur who follows me on Twitter suggested my salad needed it.

So when I returned to Foodies South West’s underground lair I put it all together. The beets were halved again, the pastrami was ripped and some Cornish Blue cheese was cut into chunks before all was added to some leaves that had been splashed with olive oil.

Worth a try and easy to adapt to what ingredients you have to hand at home – different cheeses, ham, watercress, rocket. But I suggest trying roast beetroot, they were sweet and succulent inside their crisp and tasty outer shell.

Bon appetite.

Ps this is the first blogpost done entirely on my phone. Hope it works.

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2 Comments on “Fast-ish summer salad”

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  2. Jane Omara Says:

    That looks delicious! I’m partial to beets, will try it out. Unless you fancy making lunch next time I’m about 😉

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