Razor clams, fresh from the sea

Apparently, the contents of this post has left me disinherited. Which is a bit of a shit.

Here’s why:

After spending a day guzzling oysters at the excellent Rock Oyster Festival and feeling rather bloated and good, I headed for home. In my bag, alongside beer and a notebook was nestled a bundle of razor clams. Locally hand-caught razor clams.

You don’t come across razors often – the chap I spoke to at Rock Shellfish said they are a bugger to catch in the local waters – a fact reflected in their price of £9 per kilo.

You’ll know them from your childhood – they’re what leave the tiny little holes in the sand – breathing holes while they lie safe(ish) under the surface.

And they’re great to eat – a good meaty flesh and plenty of it in each clam. So I decided to keep it simple eating them.

The squeamish might want to look away now: I know mussels are alive when you cook them but they don’t move -when I washed the razors under the tap they were moving in my hand. Luckily I am a cold-blooded killer and they were soon washed and laid out on a baking tray.

They went under a hot grill for a minute, which is enough to kill them and open their shells. If you have caught the razors yourself, once they are open you can clean them of any sand inside. Mine were already purified so I just flattened the lot out and added some garlic butter.

Two more minutes under the grill and they were ready. I served them up with some crusty bread but I suspect they’d be better with pomme frites, like mussels. And of course, a bottle of white wine.

Why has this simple dish left me disinherited? Well my mother is something of a seafood lover and she’s very jealous I got to go to the Festival and then have these when I came back. Tough break.


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One Comment on “Razor clams, fresh from the sea”

  1. […] I first went in 2010 when it was at its previous home, see what I wrote, or rather didn’t because I was enjoying myself and what I did with the razor clams I was given by a very nice man. […]

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