No midsummer murder with these nettles

I come to you from a prone position on my sofa here at Foodies South West’s underground lair. It has been a long day (I was on the M5 at 6.15am) and I’m having a well-deserved beer. But no ordinary beer.

I am supping Cornish Stingers, a beer made with stinging nettles. Brewed by FoodsWild at the Keltek Brewery in Redruth, I picked up a trio of bottles at last weekend’s Rock Oyster Festival. It would have been impossible for me, having seen it and seen what it was made from, not to buy some really.

Essentially, the only ingredients are water, yeast and stinging nettles, that usually worst of all Roman imports to this country.

Now it had to be said it is quite a strange taste to start with. I tried it and my housemate tried it when I’d opened the bottle – we both went: “Oh, that’s…erm…that’s different.”

First of all, given that it doesn’t share ingredients other that water and yeast, it doesn’t taste anything like beer. It has a very strong elderflower taste, with a sharp citrus hit as well.

The only problem is that it tastes a bit like a sharp fruit drink made with sparkling water, so it slips down perhaps a little too easily for something that’s 4.5%. But after a long and frustrating day in the office it does very well thank you.


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