Bristol Wine and Food Fair

After surviving the rain and sunburn of a week in Wales (great scenery, lovely people, weather direct from Hades) a brief sojourn back in the South West before haring off with tent on another adventure.

Just enough time to fit in a trip to the Bristol Wine and Food Fair down at the harbourside.

I believe I am right in saying it is the first one to be held, though by no means the first food festival in Bristol – it seems that the food festival calender is starting to get pretty heavy in and around the city. This one did things different by adding world wines to the stalls offering local food.

It wad an interesting mix and one that worked quite well. There were plenty of food stalls, both within a designated marquee and also in a ‘market’ area. A lot of the stalls were held by familiar faces from events across the South West: Orchard Pig, Lahloo Tea, Cornish Blue cheese, plus some new ones including a man selling Welsh pasties (sacrilege!).

In the ‘fast food’ court area there were great options, from Papdeli’s chorizo rolls and roasted poussin to Source’s River Yealm Oysters and a place doing lamb koftas. A great spot to slurp some wine, have a bite and soak up the atmos.

The wine tents were also excellent, with lots of free samples on offer and wines from all over the globe. There were no English wines on display, which was a pity, but business realism dictates the market for those would be too small to anchor an entire food festival.

There were some great little extras as well, like the free lightening quick wine tasting classes run by Devon Wine School.

My only criticism of the ever would be why the food stalls (apart from the food marquee) and wine tents were so far apart. I would love to have slurped and nibbled in unison like a piggy and believe people would have spent more money that way. Though lord knows I spent enough anyway…

Off to the Cotswolds, laters…


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One Comment on “Bristol Wine and Food Fair”

  1. Andy Says:

    Great review… i was a little bit disapointed at the lack of south american wines, but it was never billed as wine from across the world.

    The food was good and the tasting sessions excellent.. i’m now looking forward to the organic festival in September.

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