Well oiled

While at the Castle Inn (see last post), one of the beers I tried was a local one by the Isle of Purbeck Brewery, at the Bankes Arms in Studland, part of that fine peninsula.

In a nod to the area’s abundance of petrified ancient creatures it comes with the name of Fossil Fuel. And I’d say it is pretty unique. In fact, it was almost unlike a beer.

You see, while the brewery’s website describes it as “a light amber best bitter with a fresh malt and peppery hop aroma”, it might also be said that it “has the kind of peaty taste you could only top by going bog snorkelling with your mouth open”.

What it reminded me of, more than pretty much anything, was a good Islay malt whisky. I really liked it, probably because I am a huge fan of the Islay whiskies, though they are very much the Marmite of scotch – an acquired taste to say the least.

This beer I think might be the same – proper beer and whisky heads will love it but casual drinkers might pull a bit of a face. I would also add that even I couldn’t do a whole session on it. It’s a good ‘un for a couple of pints but then I think it might be a bit much  – but for the first pint of an evening, it’s a great unique taste.

But don’t take my word for it, try it yourself and see what you think.


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