Sainsburys fail?

Popped into Sainsburys t’other day (I’m shamefully addicted to Cauldron mushroom pate, a hangover from my vegetarian days).

Right by the entrance was a display, proudly boasting ‘Products from Devon’. Kudos to the supermarket, I thought.

But on closer inspection, is it a fail? The top item is biscuits made by…Furniss of Cornwall.

I’ll check it out but I’m sure they are made down Redruth way. Perhaps a map of the South West should be sent to Sainsburys HQ.


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One Comment on “Sainsburys fail?”

  1. Katy Hanley Says:

    there are a surprising number of people who do seem to get Devon and Cornwall confused, perhaps they think it’s Devon-and-Cornwall. I like the way the main ‘Devon product’ in the similar aisle in Teignmouth is Bucky – the notorious Buckfastleigh alcoholic beverage that a huge amount of Scottish people are apparently dependent on….

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