Totnes Good Food Market

Totnes Good Food Market is the new kid on the block in Devon. It has only been going a few months. So I thought it was time I headed out to see what this upstart was all about.

So while Flavour Fest was raging to great effect in Plymouth I dropped off the A38 and into the green metropolis on the River Dart. I decided to stick two fingers up to the town’s Morrisons by abusing their free parking. I’m hardcore, I know.

The farmers’ market is held in a square at the top of the town. I got there just before noon and there was a pleasant buzz about the place – not hugely busy but a good throng of people milling around, trying things and buying things.

On sale were the usual fares – artisan bread, amazing sausages, cakes and deli stalls. But there were some nice Totnesian extras – a guy making Indian sweet pancakes (well, at least that it what they looked like) and a Thai food stall. My favourite was (shock horror!) a vegetarian delicatessen which was selling a variety of goodies like mini pizzas and pastries. I picked up a spinach and feta filo parcel for lunch which was pretty damn good.

I also came away with a great loaf of multi-seed bread (£2.50) and the steal of the day, a large chicken pie which cost me £3 and which would feed two people for a dinner with ease. Or just me, as it transpired.

Overall there were about, by my reckoning around 12 stalls, a decent show for a young market.

What was also nice to see was shops around the market were also open, though whether they always open Sunday or were cashing in trade from the market was not clear.

Anyone else been, would live some second opinions…

The next markets are on September 19, October 17 and November 21.

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