I only came in for a sandwich – Lello’s at St Nicks Market, Bristol

I only came in looking for a sandwich, honest.

I’m sat yet again in St Nicholas’ Market in Bristol, having more adventures in street food.

I was honestly just looking to have maybe a sandwich or a baguette of some kind. Though walking down food street in the market I wad already a slightly lost cause.

I’m currently sat in Lello’s, a little Italian place at the end of the row. This is how I like my Italian food. One, cooked by Italians ( or at least people with convincing accents). Two, gigantic portions. Three, no poncy twat with an oversized peppermill.

I have just demolished a big fat plate of pasta and meatballs. The meatballs were small and moist and slightly spicy. The pasta in a nice tomato sauce and slightly burned on top from being baked in the oven to melt the cheese. Basic mammoth plate of this was £3.50, 50p extra for garlic bread and 25p for salad. Seriously, why bother with salad?

The decor is basic – it is in the market – there is a radio belting out Barry White, I mean, it’s practically faultless…

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One Comment on “I only came in for a sandwich – Lello’s at St Nicks Market, Bristol”

  1. Jane Omara Says:

    It’s hard to get a sandwich for £3.50 in some places in Bristol. An awesome deal.

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