Burmese food. In Dorset

Burmese food in Dorset. Yes, that’s right. From Burma. Myanmar if you like. Through the gift of Mat Follas, Masterchef winner in 2009 and restaurateur behind The Wild Garlic in Beaminster, the slightly mysterious person that is writer, cook and blogger Meemalee is bringing a taste of Asia to Dorset for one night only.

Burmese food at The Wild Garlic for one night only

What is Burmese food like? Well in the lady blogger’s own words:

“Located in Southeast Asia, between Bangladesh and Thailand and near India and China, Burma’s cuisine is therefore influenced by these neighbours, but then combines techniques and ingredients with flavours of its own to make something subtle, delicious and unique. A typical Burmese meal includes rice, meat and fish curries, soups and vegetables with side-dips. There is also a huge snacking culture where noodles, fritters and salads are embraced.”

Sounds good. Very good. It takes place on October 1. Now the bad news. It is sold out. But what I think is that if we all visit her blog and demand she come back and do it again, or even better do it in several places she might. Frankly I haven’t heard of anywhere doing Burmese food and I’d love to try it.


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