Cornish food: Guilt-free raw chocolate

“What the hell is raw chocolate?”

That’s what you are all asking, right? It’s what I asked when I saw it. Well in this case it is a range of chocolate bars “handmade in Cornwall” by Living Foods of St Ives.

Credit must go to Mark Picken of MPAD, who managed to visit their stand at the Cornwall Food and Drink Festival in between testing the beers. He recommended them to me, so I stopped by to try some as I wandered the aisles.

Why “raw”? Well, this is chocolate stripped to the bone. It is sugar, dairy and gluten-free. I can hear some of you saying “taste free as well” but you couldn’t be more wrong.

These are dark chocolate at their purest – made with raw cacao beans. It’s isn’t really chocolate in a Cadbury’s sense.

There are several flavours – I paid for ginger and orange zest pie. It cost £2 for a weenie 60g “pie” but that isn’t bad value because man, is it rich. It isn’t the kind of bar you just snack on. Really it is a bar for sharing, or having with something else, a clean-cut flavoured ice cream perhaps. You can eat it solo but you’d feel it afterwards!

If you are a Mars Bar type of person it might not be the thing for you. It was only the other night, finishing it off that I realised that in fact it doesn’t really taste like chocolate. Not even that much like dark chocolate.

If really is quite hard to describe, you really have to try it for yourself!

So is it guilt-free? We’ll what is guilt anyway? People who like food and love chocolate probably don’t feel guilty anyway. This has no sugar, and as many women have told me, “no sugar, no problem!”

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