Cornish food: Treleavens’ Tregothnan tea sorbet

So the weather outside is terrible, what better to lift the mood and bring back summery thoughts than a bit of Tregothnan tea-flavoured sorbet by Treleavens?

This award-winning purveyor of frozen dairy treats to the masses had a bustling stall at the Cornwall Food and Drink Festival, especially as it was a warm late September day.

An array of ice cream flavours were on sale, but one of them especially caught my eye. Tregothnan tea sorbet. Could it get more Cornish, featuring tea grown down in West Cornwall?

I must admit I was intrigued at what it would taste like. The last time I had tea in a sweet form was a Japanese boiled sweet that a friend brought home from Tokyo. And it was, erm, interesting.

But nevertheless I went for it. The first taste you get is one of overwhelming sweetness. But that is washed away but the taste of the tea. It works really well. It is very sweet to start with – I did think ‘Christ that’s sweet’ but then the tea aftertaste comes through and balances out the flavour so that the sweetness isn’t overwhelming.

Tregothnan, for those not aware, is the Cornish estate where they defy the British climate and grow their own tea.

I think part of the reason the tea flavour works is because it is a sorbet rather than an ice cream. The dairy flavour of the ice cream would ‘cloud’, for want of a better description, the sharpness of the tea flavour and the way it kicks in to balance the sweetness.

Now I know that the weather across the South West, and indeed the country as a whole, at the moment is a bit rubbish. But just thinking about ice cream makes you think of summer, golden sunshine, golden beaches, barbecues, cider, queues of traffic stretching the length of the A30/A303…or rain, like it is at the moment. Hey ho.

You’ll notice that there are two scoops in that cone. The second is a ginger golden crunch ice cream. that was my back-up scoop, as being a ginger fanatic I knew it would be right up my street. And it was you know.

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One Comment on “Cornish food: Treleavens’ Tregothnan tea sorbet”

  1. Choclette Says:

    Managed to miss that somehow – was there and enjoyed the festival but was probably focusing on chocolate rather than ice-cream. Will have to look out for this one.

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