Tom’s Pies from Devon

After a week of reviews of excellent Cornish food, I head East today, relatively speaking, with Tom’s Pies, of Devon.

Party on

Now the above picture is not how I usually dress. Honestly. On Saturday night I was in fancy dress (Theme: Victorian England) attired as a country gentleman. I was at a party to see off a friend who for some reason was abandoning Plymouth for the delights of Los Angeles. We commiserated with him long into the night, imbibing many choice ciders. And whiskies. And gins. Sunday was A BAD DAY.

But this isn’t a blog post about my alcoholic excesses. Or my pipe smoking. This is about pies.

You see, instead of the de rigueur party staples of Wotsits, Twiglets and cheddar and pineapple on cocktail sticks, they’d gone for pies. Acres and acres of pies. At least, that is how it looked when I arrived dressed in tweed and clutching a shooting stick.

They’d seemingly done a deal with Tom’s Pies, who like Bristolians Pieminister is a staple of the festival circuit. How could I not review the pasty delights after eating enough to line a bathtub?

Actually, I wanted to mention just one of the varieties on offer. The steak and Exeter ale pie (winner at British Pie Awards 2010), the lamb, chorizo and chickpea pie, the chicken and thyme pie, the Great Taste Gold 2009-award-winning steak with pot-roasted carrot and pickled walnut, all great and very much appreciated by the inebriated partygoers. But it was, cough, splutter, the vegetarian pie that stood out.

The spinach and mushroom with hazelnuts and white truffle oil pie was the stand-out flavour for me. Earthy and slimy it was exactly what I needed to line my stomach before Old English Cider entered the fray. I’m not sure that is a recommendation likely to make the billboard adverts, but it was certainly true. And something I do know is that all the veggie pies were gone by the end of the night. Mind you, they were all gone by the end of the night, as were the slightly iffy scotch eggs we also had. I’d love to have given you a picture of the pies, but I was too busy smoking my pipe.

If you want to buy the pies, click here.

Toodle pip!

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