Tideford Organics pesto, from Devon

Tideford Organics’ pesto was one of the items I picked up last week at the University of Plymouth’s first farmers’ market, organised by the Students’ Union.


Publicity shot - I dribbled pesto down the outside of my jar


Despite the Cornish name, they are based in Totnes in Devon, as you might know, as they have been around a while and sell to some fairly well-known outlets.

I picked up a jar of their organic pesto (£2.50) at the food festival, after failing to resist the temptation offered by the lady on their stall to try a little.

The reason I bought it was that it tasted different to other pestos, both shop bought and the time I tried to make one myself (a dismal failure – though a wild garlic version I made was brilliant, frankly). It lacked the acidic, astringent taste you get with some pestos. I tried to explain that it tasted like it had less Parmesan cheese in it, only to be told it was 20 per cent Parmesan. Shows what I know.

Irrespective of my slapdash palete, it was pretty good, a smooth and gentle pesto, unlikely to overpower any dish it was added to. Pretty good on a big pile of penne or some gnocci in the early evening with a monster glass of wine.


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