Cornish cheese on toast

I’m sitting at my computer with a slightly foggy head (not a hangover mind!) after an excellent evening of beer tasting at St Austell Brewery.

It’s a little overcast and my tongue has a fat layer of carpet on it. You will probably all be able to recognise my condition, or I am in a lot of trouble. But anyway, if you’re a fan of ale as I am, you’ll know all about the morning after salty food craving?

Once the initial demand for massive quantities of water have passed, the next craving is for something to line the stomach. Today, my craving is for cheese of toast, large quantities thereof.

Cheese. Bread. Butter. A complete meal

Which brings me to Davidstow cheddar. I got sent some of their newest varieties to try the other week and by God do I wish I had some left.

As regular readers will know (if there are any) I am a big cheese fan, preferably sinking but generally in all its forms. Every cheese has its role in my opinion. I may be denigrating Davidstow’s fine efforts but I found their two new cheeses, Cornish Crackler and Cornish Classic, made pretty bitchin’ cheese on toast.

For a start, and I mean this very much as a compliment, they were both hard to grate. There is nothing worse, in my mind, than grating a block of cheese and it spinning away easily, like shaving plastic. With the Davidstow cheese it demands you treat it with respect in the form of cutting it with a knife.

Once that was done it was laid gently to rest of think doorsteps of white bread, part-toasted and spread with a heart-attack inducing amount of butter and put under a hot grill with a dash of Worcestershire Sauce. I made it to welcome my girlfriend after she arrived on the express train from Bristol. This, my friends, is love. Who can fail to love cheese on toast?

If however, you read this and take me to be some kind of foody heathen, Davidstow suggest Cornish Cracker (aged for 19 months) be paired with a pint of Cornish ale, or part of a gout-inducing supper involving fruit cake and tawny port. Meanwhile, Cornish Classic (aged for 14 months), is an everyday cheddar good for a Ploughmans, toasties or on top of  a burger. Booze-wise they suggest cider, beer and red or white wine. So pretty much everything.

Whichever way you enjoy it I can guarantee something. You’ll be absolutely starving, like me, having read this post. Go forth and eat cheese!

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