Hot Toddy to keep the cold away til after Christmas

With the mercury dropping like, erm, a heavy metal outside at the moment, you need something warm inside you. If you’ve been out for the evening, why not get yourself a Hot Toddy.

slice optional

This warming alcoholic concoction has its roots in the 18th and 19th century, which even without taking global warming into consideration were cold centuries. It allows you to mix whisky with hot water and flavours to take the edge off the spirit. It’s a great drink and a top variation on the theme of other hot booze like mulled wine or mulled cider.


Whisky. I used Laphroaig but I think a blended whisky with a sweeter taste would work better, maybe Bells. It would also save the Laphroaig to be favoured on its own!

Honey: I used National Trust Killerton estate honey that I had in the cupboard but use what you have.



Boiling water


Simply put a shot of whisky in a mug and top up with boiling water.

Add a generous spoonful of honey and stir in

Add a couple of cloves and some cinnamon to taste.

Enjoy while wrapped up, shared with a loved one!

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