Review: Eat Fish, the new Mitch Tonks iPhone app

An iPhone app to tell you all about fish? What’s the point in that? Well, it turns out there is quite a lot of point to it.

The app in question has been launched by Devonian chef and restaurateur Mitch Tonks. Now I have to admit, my natural cynicism kicked in when I first read of the app. I admit I thought that it was a gimmick, a way of cutting in on the iPhone/iPad cool and a way of throwing business money down the drain. But now I have tried it I’m not so sure.

I’m probably not the only person (I hope I’m not the only one) who has cooked from a recipe that is on the screen of a laptop or smart phone while I sift, sip, strain and slurp. And what this app does is take that premise and package it up in an application all about fish.

It is well laid out, simple to navigate and concise. You can wade in and search the recipes, but what I liked was being able to scroll down a list of 40 fish – some common and some not – and pick a dish depending on what you have. So you can cook according to what fish you have, rather than shopping especially for a type of fish to fit a recipe. In addition it will teach you how to de-bone, fillet, skin and store each type of fish so you can go from whole fish to meal.

And once you choose one of the 27 recipes, it is all laid out to make it easy to follow the steps and scroll your way to a nice dinner.

A nice extra feature is a section telling you which of the featured fish is in season for a particular month so you can cook seasonally as well as locally. There are also video clips and tutorials on topics ranging from storing fish to how to cook a lobster.

Overall it is a great little addition to my iPhone. It cost £1.79 on offer when I downloaded it but full price is £2.99.

Any negatives? Well some of the copywriting is a bit poor in places, but maybe that’s my journalist’s eye picking up on that! And some of the fish only had one recipe for them. But that can always be updated and expanded on, that’s the beauty of updates!

Overall it is a good little app and perfect for flicking on while you are standing at the kitchen counter with some lovely fresh fish in front of you. It really is like a mini cookbook on your iPhone with a price tag to match. You could buy a full cook book (Mr Tonks does have one out) but it will cost you a lot more.

I’d love to know what you think of the app. Email me here and get cooking!

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