A tale of two farm shops – Greendale and Kenniford

I do love a bit of undercover foodying. Sometimes it is good to wander into places and ask ‘who does your Twittering?’ and introduce myself. But sometimes it is good to just wander around incognito, wearing the proverbial mac and trilby, and see what’s what.

That’s exactly what I did on Monday when I passed through the Exeter rural Hinterland. I had originally planned to drop in on the Greendale Farm Shop, on the Sidmouth Road about three miles from Junction 30 of the M5. But while I was driving to it I saw a sign for the Kenniford Farm Shop and thought it would be rude to go to one but not the other. So I decided to squeeze both in and I’m glad I did. Two such polar opposites in close proximity you won’t find.

Greendale is a fine country emporium that has either recently been refurbished or is always kept very very spick and span. I liked it immediately because hanging by the front door were about eight brace of pheasants, unplucked, for £3 per brace. I would have snapped up a brace except I realised I am not entertaining this side of Christmas (remiss I know) and I didn’t want to freeze them. But they certainly set the scene for the place.

Inside it is a big cavern of a place, offering a bit of everything – a fish counter, lots of fresh meats, fresh fruit and veg, chutneys, etc and so forth. There’s also a coffee shop/cafe on site for a warming beverage.

As if this wasn’t enough, just a mile or so down the road, via some back lanes (with decent sign posts), was the polar opposite of Greendale. The only thing really that it shares with Kenniford Farm is that they both sell great stuff.

Kenniford, winners of Best Takeaway at this year’s BBC Food and Farming Awards, is a specialist pig farm that branched out nearly a decade ago into its own pork products. Two of its gammon steaks currently sit in my fridge.


It is a small shop in the yard of the farm, I think my parking may have annoyed them, but while small it has a great range of produce – and a pesky resident farm cat who tries to defy the ban on him entering! It’s well worth visiting, as is Greendale.

What is ridiculous is that you have both of them so close to each other, plus Darts Farm is just around the proverbial corner as well. Truly an embarrassment of riches!

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One Comment on “A tale of two farm shops – Greendale and Kenniford”

  1. Choclette Says:

    That’s interesting – heard about the pig man on the Food & Farming Awards, but didn’t know where he was. Guess Exeter is a little richer than Plymouth hence so many farm shops in such a small area.

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