The 10(ish) Westcountry beers my readers think you should try

Yesterday I posted 10 Westcountry beers I think you should try. Some of you agreed with me, some of you didn’t.

So as a way of furthering debate (and hopefully sales), here are some “crowd-sourced” suggestions from comments left on here, tweets and Facebook messages:

Much agree with these fine sips especially Proper Job. Couple I haven’t had. Try O’Hanlons Yellowhammer and Firefly Bitter– truly, madly slurpy! – Stephen Barrett via the Blog

What about some of the Red Rock Beers from Bishospteignton? Apparently excellent – @grazingkate via Twitter

Chalky’s Bite from Sharp’s – I’m a recent convert – @Growingownfood via Twitter

Beer – shocking you’ve missed Badger Brewery totally! 😦 – @chalknewton via Twitter

No Butcombe Bitter 😮 #shocking – @rupturedduck via Twitter

No Bays on the list either? Their Devon Dumpling is very good & I’ll also make a girly vote for Skinner’s Hunney Bunney@missbishops va Twitter

What? No Skinner’s?! – @mcguiredavid via Twitter

Anything by Sharp’s, St Austell, Otter, Dartmoor, SummerSkills. I just love a pint of Indiana’s Bones? – Nick Ingram via Facebook

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2 Comments on “The 10(ish) Westcountry beers my readers think you should try”

  1. bramblejam Says:

    Have you heard of Arbor Ales? Brewed in the old Brains’ Faggots factory in Kingswood BS15 and on sale in the Old Stillage, Redfield BS5 and a couple of other outlets. Very yummy indeed. Some very light, crisp modern beers and deep, dark milds and stouts. Well worth a detour.

  2. Grazing Kate Says:

    thanks for adding the Red Rock to the esteemed list of honour! hope you’re feeling better by the way.

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