Dartmoor Dynamite – a controlled explosion

Dartmoor Dynamite – a controlled explosion

Dartmoor Dynamite is the latest sauce from the Dartmoor Chilli Farm, recently given the seal of approval(ish) by planners in the national park.

The name suggests heat, and there is plenty of it. But it is the latest in a line of hot sauces from Phil and Kay that ramps up the heat but does not do so at the expense of the flavour.

Talk to the couple and they will tell you taste is as important as heat – they are not looking to produce something best consumed while wearing an asbestos gumshield. That is a completely different market, one of stag parties, rugby awaydays and a toilet roll in the fridge

So while Dartmoor Dynamite is made with Bhut Jolokia chillies, amongst the world’s hottest, it is something that you can also add to a wide variety of dishes to give them a pep up without killing them. At least, that is what I have found.

It goes well with steak, for example. It is a good addition to a stir-fry. One night, when perhaps a trifle in my cups I used it as a dip for chips. Maybe that wasn’t its best use.

What it was good with was rösti – grated potato patted dry, seasoned well and pressed into a pan and fried on both sides. It added a great kick to it when I had some for a decadent Sunday brunch. I do like a decadent Sunday brunch.

Am I being a bit blasé? Possibly. I did just have to change over from buying regular chillies with my shopping to buying finger chillies, as the former were just not hot enough for my taste.

So perhaps my description of Dartmoor Dynamite as a controlled explosion is a little optimistic. Of course, the only way to know for sure is to try it…

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One Comment on “Dartmoor Dynamite – a controlled explosion”

  1. Choclette Says:

    Sounds great – the chilli fan club seems to be growing exponentially. We make our own chilli sauce which is, I have to say the best I’ve ever tasted, ahem, otherwise I would be hot footing it to the nearest Dartmoor Chilli Farm retail outlet.

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