A Very Modern Tea Room – Lahloo Pantry in Clifton Village, Bristol

My personal tea vs coffee war has been raging for most of my adult life.

As an optimistic student, I decided to eschew all caffeine and only drink herbal tea. I was doing pretty well until the pressures of life and work took hold.

Then I found myself reaching for harder stuff. The PG Tips temptation was too much to resist and I was soon hooked.

In time, I found myself rationing instant coffee to a level teaspoon per mug.

But the true turning point came when I started having to start work at 6am on a regular basis.

Nowadays a large mug of filter is usually the first thing on my mind as soon as I get up.

So when I noticed that the Lahloo Pantry tea room had opened in Clifton Village in Bristol, I was in two minds.

I liked the company’s style, having seen their offerings at various West Country food festivals over the past couple of years.

I was even seduced into buying a packet of their ‘Smokey’ tea on a sunny day in Dartmouth, which I’ve drunk a grand total of three times.

In fact, I’ve just checked and it’s out of date.

But always keen to try new things, I suggested it to Mr Foodies South West when he was next in town and we headed there after a Sunday walk at Ashton Court.

Tucked away on Kings Road, it lives up to its slogan, ‘A Very Modern Tea Room’, with the teas and their paraphernalia lining the walls and complimenting the minimalist decor.

I ordered a pot of wild rose tea and a cheese scone while Mr FSW ordered the Bristol Brew and a slice of chocolate and pear cake.

My tea tasted like water with a few petals thrown in, but the process of drinking it was really pleasant, mainly due to the see-through teapot and dinky handle-less teacups.

The cheese scone with creme fraiche and savory jam was delicious, and the dishes on the menu looked pretty good too.

Combined with the chilled ambience and friendly table service, it’s a calm retreat in the middle of the city.

I may not be a herbal tea convert yet, but I’m sure I’ll be back.

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One Comment on “A Very Modern Tea Room – Lahloo Pantry in Clifton Village, Bristol”

  1. lahlootea Says:

    Hi Jane! Thank you for your interest in Lahloo tea! The staff at the Pantry are always happy to help, so perhaps next time they’ll be able to recommend a tea that is more to your liking. Wild Rose is a mixture of White Peony white tea and pure pink rosebuds, and it’s quite a delicate tea that could be overpowered by a cheese scone. It’s lower in caffeine than black teas, but it still contains some.
    Have you ever tried matcha? It’s a great alternative to coffee, as it will help your concentration levels without making you feel anxious or shaky. We love matcha latte!
    Kind regards from the Lahloo team.

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