Pork tenderloin experimentation; what to do with your meat in an innuendo-free zone

I bought a pork tenderloin yesterday, not a cut of meat I usually buy as I don’t eat a huge amount of red meat usually.
It was not a specially good tenderloin, alas it was not bought from a local butcher because I was shopping in an area where there isn’t one.
Please please visit your local butcher and buy meat if you have one!

The main question was: how do I cook it?
I got some great little tips via Twitter that I thought I would do a littl blog post and share them with the world.

The Oakhill Inn @FoodiesSW you could do a saltimbocca with it: wrap it In parma or equiv ham with sage leaves under the ham, brown in a pan, finish in oven

Travelling Cookery School @FoodiesSW if not to late. Pan roast it to start then pop in the oven with fresh thyme. Give 10/15 mins rest and serve

Clive Coombs @FoodiesSW Put garlic splinters along length; seal in hot fry-pan; wrap in foil cook in pre-heated oven @170C, or until cooked through then slice down into medallions.

Niall McCusker @foodiessw sear it, then put it in the oven for 1.5 hours then cut it into medallions

Mark Berry @FoodiesSW I would wrap in streaky bacon for fat & self basting then place in oven at 180 – 200c degrees for 15 – 20mins or until cooked….

Grazing Kate ignore the marinade, but this cooking method works well bit.ly/Nfb1d1

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One Comment on “Pork tenderloin experimentation; what to do with your meat in an innuendo-free zone”

  1. Lynn Says:

    For a special meal, saute the tenderloin and let it rest, then saute some chopped shallot, garlic and mushrooms (duxelles) with maybe some herbs. Roll out some puff pastry into a rectangle and place the duxelles and pork in the middle and wrap it up. Cut a small hole in the top for steam to escape and brush with beaten egg. Bake in the oven til golden brown. (use the temp suggested on the pack of puff pastry). Was a go to dish for 70s dinner parties, so a bit retro!

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