The sky’s the limit for St Austell Brewery as it seals Tribute deal with British Airways 

Tribute will be available on board British Airways flights from March thanks to an historic deal signed between the airline and maker St Austell Brewery.  

The Cornish beermaker is producing a specially commissioned 330ml can of the 4.2% award-winning ale for the airline.

The Cornish Pale Ale was selected as one of a series of UK regional products and will be available on long-haul and Club Europe short-haul flights, plus BA’s network of airport lounges, from March 1.

James Staughton, managing director of St Austell Brewery, said: “Tribute Cornish Pale Ale has experienced huge success over recent years, but this agreement truly marks it out as the beer of the moment.  

“It is testament to the quality and flavour of our locally produced beer and also to the growing strength of the unique Cornish identity that Tribute was chosen as the only ale to be served on all British Airways flights.

“This is a historic day for St Austell Brewery and we are thrilled that passengers will be able to enjoy a true taste of Cornwall while flying all around the world. “

Troy Warfield, British Airways’ director of customer experience, said: “St Austell Brewery’s beer is the best of British so we’re delighted to offer it to customers in our lounges and on board our flights.

 “We’re very proud to bring one of Britain’s premium regional beers to a wider audience so they can appreciate this perfectly balanced ale and enjoy a taste of one of the South West’s most popular brews.”