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St Austell Brewery’s Korev Cornish lager now only outsold by Tribute as sales rocket

September 10, 2013

Some interesting news for beer fans – St Austell Brewery’s Cornish lager Korev is now its second highest-selling beer behind Tribute just three years after being launched.

The growth seems to have been helped by some strong pick-up on draught, with the brewery signing an exclusive deal with the Browns brasserie chain in the summer to serve the 4.8% lager – whose name is the Cornish for beer – in all of its 27 locations across the UK.

It is also the only draught lager served Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall and the only lager the Tanner brothers serve in their excellent Barbican Kitchen restaurant in Plymouth.




10th South West Chef of the Year competition – judged by Michael Caines, James Tanner, Simon Hulstone, Mark Hix, Nathan Outlaw and … are you crying yet?

August 15, 2013

It’s important you don’t get intimidated in competitions, but entrants into the 10th South West Chef of the Year competition would be allowed a whimper when they see the judging panel includes Michael Caines, Nathan Outlaw, James Tanner, Simon Hulstone, Mark Hix, Nathan Outlaw and more.

Entries are now open for the competition aimed at experienced pros, up and coming young chefs and amateur cooks.

A new class is being launched this year, the Junior Class, aimed at children aged 11 to 16.


When you’re down, the simplest thing can pick you up

June 21, 2011

This blog is about tomato soup. Seriously.

Last week I came down with a pretty hideous case of stomach flu. I’ll spare you the details but sufficed to say at one point I worried I had dysentery. Or cholera.

I was in bed having delirious dreams about not being able to take good enough pictures of a royal visit to my house and other complete gibberish. It was unpleasant, as was the fact that my diet consisted of dry toast and hydration drinks. For a man of my girth and tastes, it was hell.

By Monday, yesterday, I felt well enough to work, albeit not far from public or private conveniences. So I headed to Plymouth Crown Court and covered a case there.

It came to lunchtime and I was in a bit of a daze, I wandered out the building and towards the Barbican and into the Kitchen Cafe. This cafe, which opened earlier this year (or late last year, my mind is still foggy), is part of the Tanner Brother’s food empire in Plymouth and is adjacent to the Plymouth Gin distillery, home of their excellent Barbican Kitchen restaurant.

I was after nothing more than a bowl of soup (especially after I decided their sarnies were a bit overpriced – an ill tightwad is a tightwad indeed) but was dismayed to find the day’s soup on the simple but admittedly otherwise interesting enough menu was…tomato.

Picture posed by a model

Tomato is the last thing I would usually choose to make a soup – for a start they often trigger my hayfever-related food allergy. But I was tired, slightly delirious and above all weary, so I said “great, I’ll have that” and prepared myself for disappointment.

Yet disappointment was there none. As one of the serving wenches said, the soup had been made up in the kitchen of the Barbican Kitchen restaurant above. And it was exactly what I needed, succulent and delicious and not over-sweet like cheap stuff made by companies that produce many varieties, for example.

Of course, I could have been caught by an average bowl of soup at a time when my diet consisted of bread, unadulterated. But I will stand by my taste-buds, let’s see if I am right.