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Clifton FoodFest offers £10 meals in restaurants in Bristol’s Clifton Village

March 10, 2014

With three weeks to go, 15 restaurants, cafés and delis across Clifton Village have signed up for Clifton FoodFest, a new festival for food lovers that gives people the chance to eat out for just £10.

Clifton FoodFest, the first of its kind in Bristol, will celebrate Clifton’s diverse range of restaurants, cafés and delis by bringing together an assortment of its finest eateries, each offering an exclusive £10 offer.


Building on Bristol’s strong foodie reputation, this food festival with a difference will run between Monday March 31 and Sunday April 13, offering an affordable option for both lunchtime and evening meals.



Bath Ales signs deal to export beers to Russia

January 25, 2014

Bath Ales has signed a deal to export beer to Russia, which becomes the Bristol brewery’s tenth overseas customer.

The deal makes the land of vodka and caviar the firm’s largest foreign market at a stroke, ahead of Brazil and New Zealand.


The deal with Russia will see Bath Ales’ flagship beer, Gem, as well as Wild Hare, Dark Side and Barnsey, available in the off-trade market nationwide. Distribution will be handled from Moscow.

Bath ales says shipments for sale abroad doubled in 2013 and the brewer intends to double sales again in 2014.

Export manager Moussa Clarke said: “Demand for quality craft beer overseas is booming and we’re confident the quality of our products will see us deliver further success.

“We currently export to countries as far away as Mexico, Brazil and New Zealand as well as closer to home in Europe, and this year we’re planning to significantly increase our distribution abroad.

“We’ve been working hard to build our reputation overseas. This new deal sets the tone for what we can achieve.”

Something for the weekend: sloe gin and bramble vodka from Heavenly Hedgerows

April 2, 2013

Someone once sang that the best things in life are free, and while they may have been a bean-eating hippie, Heavenly Hedgerows seems to have hit upon a way of actually doing it.

The HH team have taken the bounty of the field margin, that many used to pick as children and now do the same with their own, and turned it into award-winning delights for grown-ups.


We are talking booze. Smooth, lovely, refreshing, booze. The cause and solution to all our problems.


Food magazine reader award winners 2013

January 9, 2013

Reach beyond the fact that Waitrose was named retailer of the year and the are some good names among the winners at the Food Magazine reader awards 2013.
In its second year, the food Reader Awards received thousands of votes as South West consumers flew the flag for the places where they love to eat, drink and shop across the region. From best-kept secrets to foodie household names, consumers named the best foodie pubs, cafes, retailers, restaurants, hotels, local drinks, local chefs and local food products as well as their local food hero.

Bristol Cider Shop Tasting at Milk Thistle Cocktail Bar

June 8, 2012

News comes to me via email of a cider tasting event being hosted by the Bristol Cider Shop at the Milk Thistle Cocktail Bar in the city.

In their own words:

Cider Fantastic
It’s almost time for our hotly anticipated cider tasting at the Milk Thistle. Join us for a gourmet cider tasting of the very best cider and perry in the West. From single varieties and Champagne-style ciders to cider brandy and cider cocktails, this is cider like you’ve never seen it before! Add to this a mouth-watering selection of treats from The Milk Thistle’s new menu and you’ve got a West Country taste sensation…
It’s on Thursday 14th June, starting at 7.00pm and finishing about 9.30pm. The Milk Thistle bar will be open for specially concocted cider cocktails before and after the event. There are still a few tickets left but there won’t be for long! See for details.

Need I say more? Nope. The only thing left to say is how much I like the Milk Thistle’s House Rules

A Very Modern Tea Room – Lahloo Pantry in Clifton Village, Bristol

February 23, 2012

My personal tea vs coffee war has been raging for most of my adult life.

As an optimistic student, I decided to eschew all caffeine and only drink herbal tea. I was doing pretty well until the pressures of life and work took hold.

Then I found myself reaching for harder stuff. The PG Tips temptation was too much to resist and I was soon hooked.

In time, I found myself rationing instant coffee to a level teaspoon per mug.

But the true turning point came when I started having to start work at 6am on a regular basis.

Nowadays a large mug of filter is usually the first thing on my mind as soon as I get up.

So when I noticed that the Lahloo Pantry tea room had opened in Clifton Village in Bristol, I was in two minds.

I liked the company’s style, having seen their offerings at various West Country food festivals over the past couple of years.

I was even seduced into buying a packet of their ‘Smokey’ tea on a sunny day in Dartmouth, which I’ve drunk a grand total of three times.

In fact, I’ve just checked and it’s out of date.

But always keen to try new things, I suggested it to Mr Foodies South West when he was next in town and we headed there after a Sunday walk at Ashton Court.

Tucked away on Kings Road, it lives up to its slogan, ‘A Very Modern Tea Room’, with the teas and their paraphernalia lining the walls and complimenting the minimalist decor.

I ordered a pot of wild rose tea and a cheese scone while Mr FSW ordered the Bristol Brew and a slice of chocolate and pear cake.

My tea tasted like water with a few petals thrown in, but the process of drinking it was really pleasant, mainly due to the see-through teapot and dinky handle-less teacups.

The cheese scone with creme fraiche and savory jam was delicious, and the dishes on the menu looked pretty good too.

Combined with the chilled ambience and friendly table service, it’s a calm retreat in the middle of the city.

I may not be a herbal tea convert yet, but I’m sure I’ll be back.

Can Tart with a heart see off the coffee colossus?

January 22, 2012

Sometimes little things can be the most heartwarming.

Personally I am a big fan of old school gentlemanly conduct – holding doors open for ladies/the elderly, helping mothers with their prams etc. It helps offset the fact that on a daily basis I swear like a trooper with Tourette’s (which must be a bloody awful affliction incidentally).

I experienced one of these heartwarming moments the other day when I visited Tart, a cafe and foodstore on the Gloucester Road in Bristol. Jane and I popped in one Sunday morning for breakfast – it does decent locally sourced fry-ups, excellent pancakes with bacon and truly superb cheese scones – and it was heaving.

Tarts at, erm, Tart. They also do excellent cheese scones, amongst other things

This is a good sign on its own but made all the better because Tart has squatters next door.

You see, Costa Coffee applied for planning permission to open one of their ubiquitous, bland, coffee shops of despair slap-bang next door to Tart. And when councillors quite rightly refused them planning permission they opened it anyway and said they would appeal against the decision. Even Bristol Civic Society criticised their actions.

Photo copyright Foodies South West

It’s a classic strong-arm attempt by high-street bullies. When the appeal comes before the planning inspector they want him/her to think “Well, it is open now, may as well let them stay”. Which would be bad.

But there is a happy ending to this first battle (the war still rages). While Tart does a roaring trade, Costa, to my eye, is struggling with only a handful of people in every time I walk past.

And to warm the cockles of even the most seasoned of hacks, when I paid the breakfast bill in Tart and said how great it was that they were busy and Costa empty, the waitress replied: “Yes, we’ve actually been doing better business since it opened.”