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30 second reviews from fine dining to fry-ups

April 2, 2011

Over the last few months I have had some great meals out at some great restaurants. But I have been very lazy about reviewing them. So while the details are a bit hazy, here are some very quick recaps of some of the them, to give you a taste of what they offer.

Greens Dining Room

Zetland Road, Bristol

A great small family-run restaurant just off the Gloucester Road in Bristol, I went to Green’s on Valentine’s Day with my OH and it was excellent. Cosy without being impersonal, the staff were bright and friendly but unobtrusive.

I had a fantastically tender grilled ox tongue to start, which was very veal-like and light. Main course was belly pork with the chef’s special dauphinoise potatoes, which was crisp  crackling on the outside and moist and succulent on the inside.

There was no English wine on the menu that I remember, but they did have an Indian white, which added a little novelty factor.

Bistro One

Ebrington Street, Plymouth

A disclaimer first that Bistro One’s owner, Stephen Barrett, is a contributor to this blog.

We went there for my birthday in December last year, when the big freeze was just starting. I’m glad we did. I had a starter of octopus landed in Plymouth and served in a light salad. For mains my OH and I both chose the same: locally landed ling with a vermouth and caper sauce, which was excellent. For pudding we both went for the cider-infused bread pudding, which was little short of incredible. Mr Barrett matched our dishes with a cheeky Spanish white which was also excellent. The restaurant also gets a “shout out” for using the excellent  Bocaddon Farm veal.


Gloucester Road, Bristol

Fantastic value for money family-run Italian restaurant. We popped in when tired and hugry after a long week at work and came out bloated and full and contented. Pizzas so big they are almost too big (ok, they are too big but I ate the whole thing anyway, rude not to) and excellent pasta dishes (Jane had a fine seafood linguini). We both had a main and a glass of wine and shared a garlic bread and came away with change from £30 for the two of us. Bargain. Does takeaway too.

Let’s Do Cafe

Fore Street, Exeter

Legendary within my friends in the city for its slow service, it is now much speedier and is a great place to head for an artery-blockading fry-up after a few too many scoops at Timepiece. Trust me on this, I know…


A fry-up fit for a foodie

June 11, 2010

It is a question that has troubled mankind since the dawn of time: where to get the best fry-up.

It depends of course what you mean by “the best”. For some it is the quality of the food on offer, for others it is the quantity, for some it is the ambience of the place doing the breakfast.

My quest was of a different source – I was looking for a place where I could take a real foodie for a plate of post-binge goodness.

Earl Grey loved a good sausage