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St Austell Brewery’s Korev Cornish lager now only outsold by Tribute as sales rocket

September 10, 2013

Some interesting news for beer fans – St Austell Brewery’s Cornish lager Korev is now its second highest-selling beer behind Tribute just three years after being launched.

The growth seems to have been helped by some strong pick-up on draught, with the brewery signing an exclusive deal with the Browns brasserie chain in the summer to serve the 4.8% lager – whose name is the Cornish for beer – in all of its 27 locations across the UK.

It is also the only draught lager served Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall and the only lager the Tanner brothers serve in their excellent Barbican Kitchen restaurant in Plymouth.




St Austell Brewery launches first ever lager

July 27, 2010

Some slightly late beer news. St Austell Brewery, that purveyor of fine ales to the masses, has launched its first ever lager.

Lager lager lager lager

The bottled lager , which has been named Korev, the traditional Cornish word for beer, has “hit pubs and bars in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset” – not perhaps the best choice of words given lager’s slightly iffy image.

But I digress. Korev is pretty Cornish. It is made using Cornish Barley and St Austell’s own lager yeast. One assumes the water must also be Cornish given that the brewery is on the edge of the Cornish Alps.

The Brewery says that it is “pale, clean and crisp with a delicate taste and hint of honey aroma” and it is bottled in an amber glass, which is “the safest method of protecting it from potential sunlight damage”.

This is no chugging beer however, this is aimed at the higher end of the market – alongside “Sol, San Miguel and Peroni”.

I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has tried it, overwise I’ll grab a couple of bottles for a taste test soon.