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10th South West Chef of the Year competition – judged by Michael Caines, James Tanner, Simon Hulstone, Mark Hix, Nathan Outlaw and … are you crying yet?

August 15, 2013

It’s important you don’t get intimidated in competitions, but entrants into the 10th South West Chef of the Year competition would be allowed a whimper when they see the judging panel includes Michael Caines, Nathan Outlaw, James Tanner, Simon Hulstone, Mark Hix, Nathan Outlaw and more.

Entries are now open for the competition aimed at experienced pros, up and coming young chefs and amateur cooks.

A new class is being launched this year, the Junior Class, aimed at children aged 11 to 16.



Chef Sanjay Kumar launches Pop Up Pies cooking and education programme in Devon and Cornwall

August 7, 2013

A new concept in cooking and education – Pop Up Pies – has begun to appear across Devon and Cornwall thanks to chef Sanjay Kumar.


Pop Up Pies is the brainchild of Sanjay, who, as well as holding down a full time job at the Headland Hotel, Newquay, is expanding his own social enterprise School of Cornish Sardines (SOCS).

He’s also a Foodies South West veteran!

The Pop Up Pies concept is based on the traditional Cornish Stargazy Pie – which has fish sticking up through the pastry lid – and involves story telling as well as cookery lessons and other activities.

He said, “If we can teach people to cook and eat healthily from scratch it will help them to live healthy lives.

“If poverty is an excuse to eat unhealthily you are never going to go forward. One of the core values for my project is education.

 “Pop Up Pies is a story telling session with cookery and interactive fun. Participants get to learn the history and trials and tribulations of Cornish fishermen; prepare a modern version of the pie – and taste and smell it and see what good food is like – and take home a recipe for that pie.”

Sanjay has worked with fellow Cornwall School for Social Entrepreneurs (Cornwall SSE) graduate Diana Padwick, who designed and made special boat shaped bags with a twist exclusively for the events.

 Sanjay has cooked in India and worked for the King of Saudi Arabia for two years and for Raymond Blanc in the UK.

He is currently chairman of the Slow Food movement in Cornwall.

The first Pop up Pie event took place in July at Clovelly Maritime Festival and another has been booked by the pre-school Learning Alliance centre in Lanhydrock village hall on October 5.

Sanjay is looking for many more bookings and is hoping to involve schools as many organisations as possible including schools, museums, information centres and visitor attractions.

Cornwall SSE was the seventh SSE to become established in the UK with support from the ESF (European Social Fund) Convergence Programme co-financed by DWP as part of Cornwall Works for Social Enterprise.


Everything you wanted to know about Cornish pasties but were afraid to ask

April 8, 2011

The latest addition to the collection of amusing books on your coffee table that you’ll never read has been launched in the form of The Little Book of the Pasty.

It has been launched by the The Cornish Pasty Association (CPA) to cash in….sorry celebrate the gaining of protected geographical indications (PGI) status for the humble pasty. This means to be called Cornish it has to be made in the duchy to a specific recipe, which I have written about before.

The book is, the CPA say, “full of tasty facts and the history of Cornwall’s most iconic food”. And they are right. This is a book seemingly solely aimed at tourists who enjoy the odd proper pasty on their annual visit to Cornwall and whose knowledge of what they are chomping is probably very limited.

Alan Adler, Chairman of the CPA, said: “After receiving PGI status, the CPA wanted to leave a legacy for the Cornish pasty. The Little Book of the Pasty is an absorbing account of the history of our region’s most famous food product and it truly demonstrates the Cornish passion for pasties. The book is full of quirky pasty facts and we hope it will be enjoyed by many Cornish pasty fans across the country.”

For the native eater (and me), most of the legends and facts may be old hat, but there are enough amusing and interesting old pictures in it to make it worth spending time thumbing through it. Not sure I’d buy it at £5.99 mind you, though that could just be because I am a massive cheapskate.

Only one other thing to note. The journalist in me noticed that while it was nicely written, it needed to be better proof-read as there were some noticeable punctuation errors and the like. I realise the irony of me pointing out such mistakes when this blog is littered with them of course.

Over all, I can see it gracing a few lounges in the South East and London as an object d’amuse. The press release mentioned the possibility of a second edition and I would advise the CPA, if a second edition is released, to have it proofed again. But enough of my bah, humbuggery.

The book is available to buy and order in independent bookstores and tourist attractions in Cornwall, on Amazon and in selected Waterstones. RRP is £5.99.

Christmas pasty anyone?

November 12, 2010

A Cornish bakery is providing an early taste of Christmas with the launch of two new products and the return of a festive favourite.

Crantock Bakery's range of products for Christmas 2010 include a turkey and cranberry pasty, Christmas sausage roll, and Christmas pudding and custard parcel.

Crantock Bakery has partnered their popular Turkey and Cranberry Pasty with a brand new Christmas Sausage Roll, while plum pudding lovers will be thrilled by the new Christmas Pudding and Custard Parcel.

Crantock Bakery’s new product development manager Becky Hornabrook said: “Last Christmas high street shoppers loved our Turkey and Cranberry Pasty as it had the delicious taste of a Christmas dinner but without the stress of cooking it.

“This year we’ve been working hard to add to our range and are really pleased that while people are battling to finish all their Christmas shopping they’ll be able to pick up a slice of Christmas to keep them going and warm them up while they’re trudging round the shops in the cold.”

The Christmas Sausage Roll is made from minced pork and turkey seasoned with sage and cranberry, all wrapped up in light puff pastry.

The brand new Christmas Pudding and Custard Parcel blends deliciously rich Christmas pudding with creamy custard. The treats are encased in a crisp pastry parcel topped with a sprinkling of demerara sugar and ground cinnamon.

And the return of Crantock’s Turkey and Cranberry Pasty, dubbed “the world’s fastest Christmas dinner”, sees the baker pack in the key elements that make up the biggest meal of the year.

The pasties combine tender turkey breast with mixed vegetables, sage and onion stuffing and cranberries – all encased in a hand-crimped flaky pastry crust.

The products are available from Monday 8th November from a wide variety of bakeries across the South West including The Cornish Oggy Oggy Pasty Company, Cornish Bakehouse, The Newquay Pasty Company, The Mounts Bay Pasty Company, and other independent bakeries.