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Sharp’s Brewery bought by Molson Coors

February 2, 2011

Press release:


Molson Coors (UK) today announces the acquisition of the award-winning Sharp’s Brewery Ltd including Doom Bar, the UK’s most exciting cask beer brand.


Founded in 1994, Sharp’s Brewery is a modern brewer of cask conditioned beer based at Rock in Cornwall and has grown rapidly to become the largest brewer of cask conditioned beer in the South West[1]. Doom Bar, already the number one selling cask brand in the South West and Wales and the fastest growing cask brand in Greater London[2], represents a tremendous opportunity for growth in volume and distribution.


Nick Baker, Managing Director Sharp’s Brewery commented, “We have worked exceptionally well with Molson Coors for many years and they have played an important part in the growth of Sharp’s Brewery. We recognised that they have the capabilities, comprehensive routes to market and the culture to build on and accelerate the progress the business is making which is why we are delighted to have done this deal.


“It was, and is, important to us to know how Molson Coors will manage Sharp’s and their plan to invest in developing the brewery at Rock and the Doom Bar brand is spot on. We are excited to watch Sharp’s Brewery achieve even more under their stewardship.”


Mark Hunter, Chief Executive, Molson Coors (UK & Ireland) said: We respect and want to preserve the unique culture of Sharp’s Brewery and the special appeal of their brands to beer drinkers. The people and the brewery at Rock are the foundations of the business and we intend to invest to build on what has been achieved.


“The Doom Bar brand is modern and progressive.  It has a loyal following and excellent reputation amongst consumers and customers alike and has the potential to become a truly extraordinary brand. We have a wealth of experience with this type of venture and an excellent track record of building brands across all markets.”


Hunter concludes, “The team at Sharp’s have a  passion for brewing beer of the highest quality with the finest natural ingredients available making this is a great marriage of two businesses with similar values. This is a new chapter for Sharp’s Brewery and we are excited to play our part in taking Doom Bar to the next stage of its brand evolution.”


With over 8.6m cask beer drinkers in the UK and cask beer representing 15.2% of on trade beer volume[3] (its highest share of on-trade beer for over a decade), the addition of Doom Bar alongside the developing Worthington’s family of ales allows Molson Coors to add real choice to the UK’s most diverse beer portfolio.


Stuart Howe, Head Brewer at Sharp’s Brewery said: “We are delighted to be joining Molson Coors, all of whom are passionate about Sharp’s Brewery and committed to the Doom Bar brand. We are incredibly proud to be voted the best regional cask beer by our customers, with the support of Molson Coors we’re looking forward to being recognised as the best cask beer in the country.”


Doom Bar is a strong addition to Molson Coors’ diverse portfolio and is the latest in a series of recent extensions including Cobra, Singha, Corona and Blue Moon. It also follows the launch of the William Worthington’s Brewery in December 2010. Constructed in listed buildings at the National Brewery Centre, the William Worthington’s Brewery produces well-known Worthington’s brands such as Worthington’s White Shield, the most decorated beer in CAMRA’s history, Worthington’s Red Shield as well as a range of Worthington’s Seasonal Ales and other limited edition brews.




10 Westcountry beers you should try

January 8, 2011

Having shown my utter contempt for New Year detox plans earlier this week, I continue to poo in the fridge of frugal and righteous living. Here are 10 beers from the South West I have tried since I started this blog, and before, that you should try if you have not already. I’ve tried to include the whole South West, so hopefully there might be some you are not familiar with that will tickle your taste buds. It obviously isn’t an exhaustive list and I have no doubt you all know great local beers I should be tasting. So the more comments left here the better!

Fossil Fuel (4.1% Purbeck Brewery)

To use the hackneyed cliché, this is a Marmite beer that will polarise drinkers. It isn’t an easy sup if you like your beer session-y and light, with its strong whisky barrell tastes. But I liked it all the more for that when I tried it at the Castle Inn in Lulworth Cove, not a million miles from the brewery at Studland in Dorset.

Cornish Stinger (4.5% Woodswild)

Another interesting taste, this Cornish “beer” is made from nettles, which makes it a light refreshing summer
drink enjoyed well-chilled with a barbecue. I first tried it lounging in the summer sunshine at the Rock Oyster Festival and it was glorious.

An Howl (5.6% Penpont Brewery)

Another great summer drink, An Howl is from the small Penpont Brewery on Bodmin Moor, one of my favourites. An Howl is Kernewek for “the sun” and it is a powerful golden beer ideal for supping as the An Howl slips beyond the horizon! Plus 10p from each bottle goes to the Cornwall Rural Community Council.

Devon Pride (3.8% South Hams Brewery)

Devon Pride

Whenever I go to watch Plymouth Albion play rugby at home, one of the highlights (sometimes the only one) is the South Hams Brewery concession to the right of the main stand. Here I can get a pint of Devon pride and drink while watching them los…sorry win. A top little session beer.

Milk Stout (4.5% Bristol Beer Factory)

A close call between this and the brewery’s No. 7 ale for the list, this burnt almost coffee-flavoured beer is a great heavy filler for a cold winter evening, full of flavour and warmth. You can see Andrew from the brewery
talking about its beers here.

Otter Amber (4.0% Otter Brewery)

One of East Devon’s finest in my opinion, not  greatly widely available to my knowledge (at least on this side of Devon) and was lucky to have a pint at the Passage House Inn in Topsham with friends last May, as we ate dinner and watched the sun set over the Exe marshes. Glorious surrounding for a glorious amber beer.

Proper Job (4.5% St Austell Brewery)

In my opinion the best beer in the St Austell Brewery range, although it is also probably the most expensive. Nowhere near as fruity as the more widespread Tribute, which some find too overpowering, it is a very drinkable premium ale and the one I drink in a pub if it is on.

Doom Bar (4.3% Sharp’s Brewery)

Yeah ok it’s an obvious and widely available beer, hardly underground, but I like it – brewed at Sharp’s Brewery in Rock, North Cornwall. A good honest pint you can drink several pints of in a sitting. Should you be so inclined of course.

Dark Side (4.0% Bath Ales)

Another great burned and chocolate stout from a Bristol brewer. I had a great pint of this while nailing half a dozen oysters at Source Food Hall and Cafe and it was great, thick and satisfying and a contrast to the slippery salty oysters. Can’t say fairer than that.

Jail Ale (4.8% Dartmoor Brewery)

My dad got several bottles of this at Christmas time as part of a spanking great hamper of treats I got for my parents. It’s brewed in the middle of Dartmoor within a stone’s throw of the famous prison in Princetown and is one of the local reliables that can always be relied upon to be a good drop.